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Financing Now Available! (see details below)

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Traditional cedar shakes add beauty and rustic charm to a home’s exterior. But wind, rain and fluctuating temperatures can exact a heavy toll, requiring a homeowner to replace the roof every 10 to 15 years. Thanks to Enviroshake however, homeowners can now get a lifetime of curb appeal from their cedar shakes, and never have to think about – or sink money into – their roof again.

Enviroshake is made with 95 % reclaimed products, including post-industrial plastics, recycled rubber elastomers and cellulose fibers. As a result, Enviroshake offers a sustainable alternative to other, less environmentally conscious roofing shingles, such as real cedar wood, slate and fossil-fuel derived asphalt. Guaranteed not to peel, separate, flake, rust or rot, tise product does all this without sacrificing a single tree.

Enviroshake is warranted for the lifetime that the original purchaser resides in the property providing it is installed by a certified contractor like THERMOSEAL

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Financing Now Available For Enviroshake!

Enviroshake is pleased to announce that the Bank of Montreal will finance up to 100% of the cost to the consumer to install an Enviroshake roof based on approved credit.

The financing will be customised to the consumer to allow for minimum payments as required. A loan of $40,000 can be tailored to have a minimum monthly payment of under $200.

The loan application can be done online and will be turned around in 48 hours.

Bank of Montreal has established a single point of contact, Fernande Patton, for this program to ensure prompt customer service. Ms. Patton can be contacted directly at or 1-519-667-6211

All information is kept confidential between the client and the Bank of Montreal. The documents can be forwarded to the local Bank of Montreal in the community for signing if required. This program is available for all provinces in Canada.

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