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Rubber Tile Roof

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Rubber Roofing

Approximately 1000 tires were recycled for this roofing project.

Your Old Car Tires Are Now Your New Rubber Roof!

There's a new product leaving tread marks all over the roofs of homes in Canada and around the world. Made almost entirely of recycled tires. EuroSlate & Shake, a new roofing product from Calgary is not only taking the building industry by storm, it's also resisting storms. A Euroslate roof can withstand winds of at least 170 km per hour and hail bounces right off. In addition to resisting hail, wind and fire, unlike many other roofing materials, EuroSlate/Shake won't twist, split, rot or distort and it doesn't crack or shatter under impact. The tiles are soft to the touch and flexible, which is an important factor in resisting the elements. When finished, a EuroSlate roof looks like expensive slate tiles, but the rubber tiles cost a fraction of the price of slate. Because EuroSlate's main ingredient is up to 70 per cent recycled rubber, in a typical roofing project, up to 1,000 used tires will be kept out of landfills, which is an added bonus to environmentally conscientious homeowners. EuroSlate is the only product of it's kind in the world. A EuroSlate/Shake roof outlast a pine or cedar shake roof many times over so you would think it would cost a small fortune, but a new EuroSlate /Shake roof costs about the same as one built from wood cedar shakes. Sheets are locked together with tongue-and-groove joints. Engineered air cells help keep the sheets light and each finished roof has two layers of rubber and two overlapping layers or air cells which makes the roof extremely energy efficient. It keeps houses cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter especially in homes that have vaulted or cathedral ceilings. EuroSlate/Shake has caught the attention of builders, architects and homeowners from across the country and the world over. Most homeowners don't realize that the roof on their home is the largest depreciating part of their home, but with a EuroSlate/Shake roof your home will increase in value by at least as much as a EuroSlate/Shake roof would cost you. This is a product that is unique to the building industry and it pays for itself.